Our Story

Bigstraw Boba has been serving boba smoothies and teas to Ventura County since 2002. We originally started selling boba at our family-owned arcade and pool hall in Oxnard, CA, which was established in 1992 (Trolley Family Billiards & Arcade). Once we saw how the community reacted to our boba drinks, we knew we had to shift the focus to primarily boba.

In 2007, we opened Ventura County’s first ever boba shop  in South Oxnard. Our original location is in the Centerpoint Shopping Center located at 2657 S. Saviers Road. Since then, we now have 4 locations in three different cities (Oxnard, Camarillo, and Ventura) and offer over 100 flavors from real fruit smoothies, traditional teas, over-ice drinks to blended coffee-flavored smoothies, all of our drinks include boba.

Bigstraw Boba is still owned and operated by the same family that started it decades ago. Our family is forever grateful and appreciative of all the widespread support that the community has given us and we promise to continue to provide fast and friendly service, and of course fresh and delicious drinks, for many generations to come.

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4 Locations

50+ Drinks

Friendly Staff

Open All Year


Frequently Asked Questions

What is boba?

Boba are small tapioca pearls made from the cassava root. The root is peeled, cut, and ground into a flour, then shaped into the delicious boba pearls and cooked in a delicate process. It has a soft, chewy gummy bear texture. Customers are able to choose if they want the full scoop of boba, half, or none at all.

Do you have dairy-free options?

Yes, we offer almond milk and coconut cream at all of our locations. At our Ventura store, we also offer oat milk as an alternative.

Can I make my own smoothie combination?

Of course! Customers are able to create their own blend of flavors. There is no extra charge for choosing two single flavors. Any additional flavor added will be 50 cents extra. The possibilities are endless!

Can I omit the sugar?

While there are natural sugars in the actual fruit we use and minimal sugar in our smoothies, we do add additional sugar. Customers can choose the sugar level that is added, either half of the amount or without any added sugar at all.

What other toppings do you have besides boba?

Boba is included in all of our drinks, but can be substituted with our premium toppings for an additional charge of 50 cents. These toppings include: strawberry popping boba, green apple popping boba, passion fruit popping boba, custard pudding, lychee jelly, fruit/rainbow jelly, coconut jelly, mango jelly, granola, chocolate chips, and crushed cookies.

Can I add Chamoy to other drinks besides mango?

Yes! Chamoy can be added to any of our drinks for 50 cents. Whether it is a single flavored drink such as Watermelon or even a 3-flavored drink like our Tropical Blend (pineapple, mango & banana).

Do you take phone orders?

Yes, customers are able to call in ahead of time to place their orders and pick up the drinks when they arrive.

Is this a family owned business?

All of the owners of each individual location are within the same immediate family. As of now, Bigstraw Boba is owned and operated by the same family.